New materials

Aquamarine flocked plate

Flocking…Careful!! is my new favourite. Here it has transformed a tired old plate to a great talking point. It wouldn’t work well with food placed directly on to it so I got around that by adding a thin sheet of acrylic to the top. It is becoming so fashionable, now you have seen it once you will spot it everywhere. From coat hangers to picture frames to whole light fittings. It’s rich velvety feel makes it so tactile and can be matched with any pantone. I’ve added peacock feathers for an added richness.

The hub of the home

This table was created for me by one of my contacts. I go to them with all these weird and wonderful ideas and after a bit of head scratching they will create exactly what I have in my head..Genius.   This is a large table that seat 10 but as it’s clear Perspex it doesn’t overpower the room at all.

Vintage Weddings

Buy yourself some mismatching cups and saucers from a car boot sale and you have your first serving idea! I filled the cups with rose petals and salt and then we stuck savoury lollypops in them. I usually favour a minimalist look but have real fun with a Vintage look.