Tis the season to be Neon

It started off on the catwalk  like it always does – and next filtered through to the home in the way of scatter cushions a couple of years later. And now the events industry have grabbed hold of it making this year the NEON season.


For me it starts with a mood board to get the vision.

Neon mood board

It’s no secret that my favourite medium is acrylic, and Perspex make the most incredible neon range.

Who wouldn’t get excited about these badboys..

Neon swatches

Here’s a few of the TND neon creations of late …

P1010353P1170378Neon Canape trayNeon pink canapé tray neon Cone tray Orange neon tray


Don’t forget your neon sign…

Neon sign





Food station commotion

Everyone is all over the food station at the moment. It gives theatre to an event. And thanks to Heston (no surname required ) all guests and clients are looking for theatre with every mouthful and they are quick to move on to the next thing . They are even bored of dry ice God damn it. I do wonder where it will all end up. My husband is  a chef -a bloody good one at that- and he’s paring his components right back so maybe we are actually going full circle.

All the intricate flowers placed on the plate with with long tweezers with millimetre precision are being stripped right back. Just look at Vijante my favourite restaurant oh no it closed down. Hmmm . Look at how many new restaurants popped up in the last couple of years up with only one or two things on the menu (even bigger stateside)  like Burger & Lobster, Ooze (risotto only) Bubbledogs, Meatballs. etc. Not to mention the upmarket burger explosion. Simple is back ..for a while anyway.

But for us the event caterers we have to give choice – and that we do. Food from every nation. I’ve had to research diets and religions. Like the Jains diet. I’d never heard of it until I started working in event catering. So yes everyone is quite used to Canapes with their champagne now. Or, if the guests are special enough – a sit down dinner. But now it’s the rise of the FOOD STATION & BOWL FOOD event. This is where it would appear I come in. Event managers call me in when their client says “we’d like interaction” “a food station”  “mini bowls” so their guests can talk to each other while slurping over a delicious noodle dish from an authentic 8oz chinese pail. Or tempura veg served in cones made from Chinese newspaper that I’ve run to China town to pick up 50 copies of.   Don’t get me wrong it’s not a new concept I’ve been designing food stations for 8 years plus but it’s really ramped up in the last year or two!

So my job is a bit more like set design in this respect.  You need to create a mini China on a 6 foot trestle table or India, Italy, Mexico or a picnic or seaside scene. I discuss with the Event managers, get the brief work with the Chefs on what food they will be serving and start sourcing and researching. Here’s a few from the last twelve months :

Tiffany theme food station
Tiffany theme breakfast buffet
English summer picnic theme
English summer picnic at The Granary building Central Saint Martins University of Arts
Seaside theme food station
Seaside theme foodstation


Indian theme food station
Indian Theme food station at the Natural History Museum


Chinese food station
Chinese food station


Sweetie food station
Sweetie bar
Italian theme food station
Italian Deli food theme.


Shakespearean Christmas in London

This event started out slightly differently to the normal ones that I work on. Rather than a commission from an events company, I was asked directly by the end client to style their event.  This made it a bit harder for me as I was starting from scratch with equipment. Most caterers I work with have a stores that I rummage around and add things to when I have my theme. Ebay was my best friend  here combined with lots of trips to Wimbledon car boot sales!! Once the client had found a venue (with a view – was most important) I was then off to work. On this occasion the venue determined my styling – it was Shakespeare’s Globe. So there was my theme! Done.

It always starts with a moodboardShakespeare Moodboard

I created a food station – something I am asked to do a lot these days. It helps to define a theme on an event and it gives guests some interaction with their dining experience. A growing trend ! It also worked well for Christmas.  Obviously I placed candles everywhere to set the scene and old books, lots of them. The thicker the better. They help to give height which draws the eye around the food station. I thought a cheese station was fitting for this event.

Shakespeare Event

Shakespeare Event Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare Event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare Christmas


Grape tree cheese station


It started off looking a bit like this …and grew and grew from there. IMG_2923

The client asked me to to think of a give away for their clients seeing as it was Christmas.

So what else would 200 (mainly) men appreciate taking away at the end of a night into a cold December evening. We had hip flasks branded in the company logo RSG.…My office this time turning into a production line for a lovely ginger-smelling cocktail.


Thank you to David Spink Photography for most of the photo’s.


Shakespeare Mood board




Fast & furious 6 premier party

2013 was a very good year for me. You can tell – the blog ceased for 12 months!! Since the launch of the website I have been splitting my time between designing bespoke creations and hands on styling events. But it’s fun juggling both. I was even listed in Event magazine in the ‘Fab 50 newcomers’. Have a look here!

This event was one of the highlights in 2013. Working with Bubble food who have gone from strength to strength themselves over the last couple of years so when they ask me to assist with styling an event I know it’s going to be a fun one. This was to turn Somerset house into 6 food stalls in the court yard surrounded by the fast and furious cars straight from Leicester square.

It started with a tasting..

Italian buffet

Building in day light

Mexican food stall

Film Premier

And finishing with a sweetie bar

Sweetie station


Sushi Conveyor with a difference

This Yo Sushi style Conveyor belt turned into a ‘Blinis & Bellinis’ station for an event at The tower of London with Moving Venue.

See what the guests ate here. A sushi Conveyor belt is the last thing the guests expected to see in The Tower of London after a viewing of the Crown jewels and this is exactly why I love styling events with Moving Venue they don’t mind pushing the boundaries.

Sushi Conveyor

All ready for the espresso martini’s !! and the peach Bellinis

Sushi conveyor

Sushi conveyor

Blinis & Bellinis

In true Tapas style the guests had a mini bite on top of their glass. Except this time it was a bellini to wash down a Blini

Sushi conveyor

I hired the conveyor belt from the very same company that your local Yo! Sushi uses. I’ve wanted to do one for a while so i can now tick that box and will certainly do one again!

Coca Cola Christmas Party London Film Museum

Christmas time brought some fun events for Moving venue. This one right in the heart of covent Garden got all the guest into the Christmas sprit at one of London’s brand new venues london film museum.

First job fancy dress box…

Coca cola photo booth prop box

Coca cola photo booth

Photo booth all ready.

Coca cola photo booth

Sales girls and myself of course testing it out.

Popcorn machine

Popcorn machine  – Check !

Oxygen Events did a great job with the lighting throughout. Check out their blog on the event. oxygen-events holidays are coming 

Union jack mini cooper

The main room was styled in the theme of famous london markets.

food stations

food stations

Seafood Food station

food station


I was asked to come up with a theme for the dessert bar and the room was full of leather sofa’s and trunks for coffee tables so I chose an alpine lodge theme complete with a fur lined bar to cozy up in with their mini desserts.

dessert bar

Dessert bar

dessert bar

Coca cola truck

Of course the event wouldn’t be complete without the truck outside the Piazza.

Judging of the Caterer of the year Awards 2012

I was asked by the lovely Moving Venue to create an enchanted forest for the table centres for the judging of the caterer of the year awards for Event Magazine. I had lots of fun with this..

Moss and dry ice table centre

I used a tray and mounds of moss with real Shimeji mushrooms and rocket flowers. And for the finale…

Caterer of the Year table centre

Dry ice table centre

…Dry ice, to feel like the forest floor.

Have a look at the video for all the contenders and my bit 42 seconds in ;0)

St Paul’s Cathedral Event

I modelled these canape tray’s on the actual window’s of St Paul’s for a great event hosted by Createfood

Canape trays



St Paul's window's

Yes I thought they were coloured too !!

food station

We lit this Petit four and miniature dessert station from behind which made a great beacon drawing diners to the desserts!

Dinner at St Pauls


Just to tie in the whole theme the very talented wiseproductions added these gobo’s to the ceiling to complete my look.

Table centre's at ST paul's

Nelson's tomb Canapes P1040323

My Wedding

My husband always asks me why I don’t post our wedding on my blog seeing as I designed it. So here it is..Wedding tables

Strawberry tree's

My employers alison price made these for me for our big day . Only fair as I was always the one making them for other weddings.

wedding favours NISS297
Wedding at The Bingham flowers by Roseberg