My Corona virus event blog April – June

1 April 2020 Sadly it’s all no joke. Interestingly no one considered creating any online April 1st jokes either. prints an article 3 days ago. horrifying but I can see it all happening. The moment the British high street dies etc.. Who knows but it is all sobering.

Sounds like China have been underreporting their figures. Like they need to add another 0 on. Yikes . A 13 yo dies of it. UK daily reported death rate is 2300. We start a weekly menu for home. You buy a lot of food when you are home for 3 meals a day. But that’s the only thing you buy. Literally THE only thing you spend money on. The super healthy eating has started. My dream.

Zoom is the latest thing. Houseparty falls before it really starts people sitting at home. Waiting for the next thing. We start a family one. Online quizzes suddenly go mental.

2 April 2020 Still trying to create a way to Diverse Jens’ company, with all the fridge vans, kitchens etc. They get in touch with Deliverloo. They bite their hand off for more range of take away food. Just more food. No one can eat out. It’s all take away. Jens proposes a lovely Indian menu for the rest of the team to discuss. Sadly it goes nowhere. Everyone is stuck in a weird hope that it will magically all come back. NOT EVENTS and our businesses. We’re a bit more realistic on how long this is going to last. If you have a food delivery service you are winning in these circumstances. But there’s interesting issues arising. Restaurant suppliers have food but don’t have the bottom of the chain customers to sell it too. I read an article on how things might not get back to normal for 10 years. It’s a shock but last year was a bumper year and yes to get to that level again maybe. So many new procedures are getting set in place. EVENTS are just not mentioned. September doesn’t seem likely for any sort of event now. So if we don’t get events in then. That means it is a tight window for the Autumn run so if that slides and we miss September & October. That’s probably the Christmas stint gone as well. So if we can go out again and have events in January will people do that just because they haven’t. Or will the quietness run until March. Yes that’s my prediction. One whole year of no events!!

We start videoing things we are cooking as an online demo for instagrammers. As there is no other event catering content. He accidentally fires the pepper mill across the room and his days as a TV chef seem thwarted on the day they started.

4 April We cycle to Streatham common to continue our Joe wicks exercise. We’ve hardly left the house. Staying in for 8 days at a time is starting to get it’s feet in. Police riot van drive around. If you are not exercising you get shimmied off. People are starting to be a bit divided on going out and flouting the rules.

6 April 2020 Weather is amazing. We make cocktails stay in obviously and generally having a nice time together.

7 April Another big thing. Hair clippers arrive. The lockdown cuts. Jens had left it a week too late for a cut so is already a week overgrown. They are getting expensive on Ebay and running out. There will be a national shortage. We discover though that, we can save £20 a month now on a haircut now we have clippers. Jens has a grade 5 and growing a beard as he is not in the kitchen. I like the look. We are also both loosing weight. Yoga is still happening every morning at 8am. I love getting up early with him. 28 Veg boxes come to our house. Meeting more people. Loving it. Takes your mind off work and real stuff.

8 April 2020 Jens & team bubble think up another initiative . They start meals for food banks. Finally they all agree on a plan for the kitchen to be used. 200 per day and people donate on a go fund me page. Huge stunning full moon. Weather is still amazing. I think there must be a link between the fact that there are no flights no cars no pollution and suddenly we have endless flawless blue skies.

9 April 2020 We do another clap for carers. Nights are getting lighter. WOW You notice so much more when all your senses are not assaulted. But when will this end. I’m starting to think September will even be quiet for events now.

10 April have a hilarious whatsapp call with 3 friends. The first call I can say was honestly like a real night out. Can things really continue like this though? I’m getting more agoraphobic. I only go out for a shop once every 8 days now. We cook Mackerel on the BBQ. Loving the little bubble we are in. News shows continued increase in Corona virus deaths every day. If my mom gets it my brother and I know she will not come out of it alive. Been drumming into my mom. She’s been too ill and she received one of 1.3 million letter from the government to shield from the world as she is high risk. It’s really tough that I can’t go to be with her. She is on her own and can’t even drive as she had the shoulder replacement in Feb (last blog post!)

11 April & 12 April Quiz nights both nights. They are fun kind of but getting a bit fatigued from them now.

16 April mom is really stressed anxious. Not sure she will pull through this with either mental health issues or such high bloody pressure (200) a stroke. She’s repeating herself, bursting into tears and generally all over the place. 

17 April Moms birthday . I suggested to the family we try and have a socially distance birthday meal but all buying the same meal. Another idea Jens was working on for their company moving forward. (Never got off the ground either sadly.) So we cycled to cook and picked up the same meal as I got delivered to mom in Devon. That worked. And my brother in Brussels also locked down cooked the same for himself . Then had a WhatsApp birthday quiz that I hosted. She was still stressed and not really coping at all with this. We have been discussing the fact we may loose her to this.. Not necessarily the illness by the effects it has on people.  What are those figures like! We don’t know. Will we ever know that.

18 April 

 Cycled to Clapham to buy paint for the front door. Got it home and it’s too bubblegum pink. Queuing out the door and one in one out. Such weird times. Everyone is doing home improvements.

19 April 

Discovered putting paint on eBay is amazing it goes in no time . Put yesterday’s new paint on and it’s sold in record time . Put some more on and some more on and made £80 tester pots the lot!! With the like of Homebase’s and hardware shops not open people are desperate to do some easy DIY home improvements. Amazing. Cleared out the cupboard.

22 April Events aren’t coming back I start an online course in REFLEXOLOGY a new beginning for me. Who knows where this will take me.

Thursday 30 April Loving the reflexology. No more TV. Social media break and get stuck in. Amazing double rainbow almost a triple about 3 hours before the NHS clap . The brightest I’ve ever seen and could see all of it. My photo made it on the school newsletter same night! 

Saturday 2 May Cycled to some friends. Sat in their garden but felt naughty. 

Sunday 3 May Hannah’s quiz . A good one but they are defo drying up now.

Wednesday 7 May amazing moon. The sky is really amazing.  People were saying at the beginning how much less polluted everything feels but I haven’t gotten it until now. Noticed the trees in front of our house flowering for the first time. (In 4 years!) they look incredible. How can we capture some of this and take it forward into a new world. 

Thursday 7 May Jens went to work for his third week in the kitchen getting food bank meals prepared. I had a good day learning. Received a round robin about lockdown easing restrictions. Lots of dates time frames . Turns out it was for Ireland. Annoying as it felt like something to work towards. Events seems like a thing of the past.

Friday 8 May Friday bank holiday as if the days couldn’t get any more confusing. Red arrows flew over London could tell it was current as the streets looked empty and they can socially distance. Put the TV on for the 11am silence. Decided that TV is a bg negative and not been putting it on for weeks. Straight after the silence they start talking on the news about the virus. Felt a bit crass like we have become so self obsessed that we can’t even let the war hero’s have their day without turning it back to our day. Quiz with Jens school friends. Latest we’ve stayed up in 6 weeks 10:30! Also finally painted the front door . Been waiting for farrow and ball to send paint for about 3 weeks. 

Saturday 9 May Went for a bike ride to Wimbledon . Bumped into a chef friend. Cycled up a steep hill and had a really weird reaction. Real respiratory problems a little while after couldn’t catch my breath. Coughing and choking. Embarrassed to cough and typically at that point there were people around. Both discussed after could it be I’m asymptomatic but it only showed it’s head in that strenuous situation. Eventually got back on the bike after an orange to coat the lungs and a bottle of water and a couple were sat in their car waiting for me, to check I was ok! People are being nice. Must have thought I had corona. VERY strange reaction. It is a bit of a mystery that but I will never find out. Probably just unfit.

Sunday 10 May Discussing what could potentially happen next  year with working from home and how that could pan out. If offices do start to now make people work from home to save huge rent especially now they have poured money into this – investing in peoples home equipment. Does this mean out of city commuters are never going to be coming back into the city but instead going out in their home towns for their socialising, shopping and just about everything. Places like Kent and satellite towns will become the place they go out. There seems to be a huge shift happening from the virus, a big shift in every way. Everything is becoming small communities like the old days. Everyone talks about their industry as the forgotten industry. But what about EVENTS & HOSPITALITY. Ours really is.  

18 May our local pub the Wheatsheaf turns into an old fashioned grocery store. We really are going back in time. We also start a grocery store from our front window. Again reverting back to times of old. And where the name corner shop came about apparently people turning their front windows into the convenience store. We make sausage rolls & brownies and sell cheese & restaurant quality deli produce from Jens suppliers from our window. We have a queue. It’s hilarious. And I get to do some food stying. Haha it’s very low rent.

19 May It happens, mom ends up in hospital. We had to call her an ambulance from miles away as she stops answering the phone after continually being sick. The last place she should be. And that’s what the first ambulance crew said and why they left her at home ( to get worse) for another 24 hours.. A blocked bowel that needed a MAJOR operation. Things get really tough. She says in for a whole month it’s a terrifying time…