How do I style a halloween party

Are you wondering how do I style a halloween party – A grown up one? Let me throw you some tips so you can wow your friends at home.

Where to start

Choose your colour scheme. Traditionally there’s not much to play with here. Black, orange, red, purple, gold are about your strongest colours for this time of year and this is plenty! If you remember my rule from previous blog posts you’ll know to stick with 2 or 3 colours to keep it slick.

Where & what to display & dress

Up there at the top of the list should be to decide what sort of party you want to hold. Like if you are having a dinner party where you’ll want to dress the table or a stand up drinks you can decorate more of the room. How do you style halloween

This is loads of fun if you’re having a drinks reception. Theres a focal point and it gets everyone fully immersed.

Likewise this dark moody dresser could be  propped with some ghoulish props or kept gothic and moody..How do I style a halloween party

Halloween party

For dinner parties or events you can still go super stylish and have as many gourds and pumpkins as you like or none at all and get really creative. I utterly love this company. @casadeperrin on Instagram. They do all sorts of table top curation & rental in LA and are the absolute best!


How do I style a halloween party


I also love this image on Lettice event  Pinterest page.  It’s macabre but also delicate too. Big up – if it was their super cool creation.How do I style halloween party

Finishing touches

You know how easy this would be to do. You can buy mirrors like this from Ikea and using those spray paints to distress the frame and the mirror adding the skeleton with a glue gun. Hey presto you have a great feature.

How do I style a halloween party

No halloween party is complete without some front door decoration. This is mandatory. It helps your guests know where to come and gives them an exciting taster of the stylish event they have waiting for them inside. How do I style a halloween party

If you want to remind yourself of a previous halloween blog post with one of my fave mood boards check it out here. 


Done with Slate & Olive wood

I have been designing all manner of items for the food service industry for the past 7 years. It started off as canapé trays & food stations but I’ve realised how many other items people are looking for. These were three of my first designs when I worked full time at Alison Price.

unusual canape tray staggered canape tray P1050308

Since I started working on my own I’ve branched out to all sorts of things. People are hungry for something different with every event and (thank the lord) are moving away from the bane of my life – olive wood and slate !! Hurrah. Don’t get me wrong: I love slate and anything grey for that matter but it should be left on the bathroom floor …

That’s my opinion and it could be said I have an unhealthy obsession with acrylic – all colours ! Especially the neons. But so do caterers because it’s so easy to work with and dynamic. Perspex – which is the brand name don’t you know – are always bringing out yummy new textures and patterns. Just look at these sparkly and patterned ones. Mind you you’d need to do an event a week for a Russian Oligarch to have trays made in some of these.

patterned perspex glitter perspex textured perspexperspex impressions perspex swatches neon perspex

I do work with other mediums like wood. If it’s been designed nicely and not just a slab then I’m not averse to it.  Or my new fave Corian. Look at this little lot of samples. You can even get it in slate colour and my skilled fabricators can mould it with no seams just like those stunning kitchen work tops with the sink all in one. Again bring in an Oligarch though.

corian samples


So you see there’s no excuse for plain old chipped slate now.   Every caterer’s stores that I’ve ever been in (and I’ve been in a few since starting my own company 2 years ago) has a pile of it somewhere. All chipped naturally . Where did this all come from?  Slipped off a roof and onto a kitchen pass??

Ok if we have to use it because we’ve got it. Dress it up a bit like I’ve done here. Actually these are quite nice pieces as it goes.

slate canape trays slate canape trays Slate canape tray slate canape tray

But a damn plain sheet usually chipped: nope not on my watch thank you. It’s washed up.

So it is my personal mission to get slate off the menu.


Shakespearean Christmas in London

This event started out slightly differently to the normal ones that I work on. Rather than a commission from an events company, I was asked directly by the end client to style their event.  This made it a bit harder for me as I was starting from scratch with equipment. Most caterers I work with have a stores that I rummage around and add things to when I have my theme. Ebay was my best friend  here combined with lots of trips to Wimbledon car boot sales!! Once the client had found a venue (with a view – was most important) I was then off to work. On this occasion the venue determined my styling – it was Shakespeare’s Globe. So there was my theme! Done.

It always starts with a moodboardShakespeare Moodboard

I created a food station – something I am asked to do a lot these days. It helps to define a theme on an event and it gives guests some interaction with their dining experience. A growing trend ! It also worked well for Christmas.  Obviously I placed candles everywhere to set the scene and old books, lots of them. The thicker the better. They help to give height which draws the eye around the food station. I thought a cheese station was fitting for this event.

Shakespeare Event

Shakespeare Event Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare Event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare event

Shakespeare Christmas


Grape tree cheese station


It started off looking a bit like this …and grew and grew from there. IMG_2923

The client asked me to to think of a give away for their clients seeing as it was Christmas.

So what else would 200 (mainly) men appreciate taking away at the end of a night into a cold December evening. We had hip flasks branded in the company logo RSG.…My office this time turning into a production line for a lovely ginger-smelling cocktail.


Thank you to David Spink Photography for most of the photo’s.


Shakespeare Mood board




Sushi Conveyor with a difference

This Yo Sushi style Conveyor belt turned into a ‘Blinis & Bellinis’ station for an event at The tower of London with Moving Venue.

See what the guests ate here. A sushi Conveyor belt is the last thing the guests expected to see in The Tower of London after a viewing of the Crown jewels and this is exactly why I love styling events with Moving Venue they don’t mind pushing the boundaries.

Sushi Conveyor

All ready for the espresso martini’s !! and the peach Bellinis

Sushi conveyor

Sushi conveyor

Blinis & Bellinis

In true Tapas style the guests had a mini bite on top of their glass. Except this time it was a bellini to wash down a Blini

Sushi conveyor

I hired the conveyor belt from the very same company that your local Yo! Sushi uses. I’ve wanted to do one for a while so i can now tick that box and will certainly do one again!