Halloween dinner party

This date in the diary is a great excuse to get creative with your pumpkins and have some fun with your table centres..


Styles & colour schemes

This one is one that you can work with the tablewear you have at home or can hire in for your event. I failed art so plurlease don’t tell me you can’t do this one. All you need is some white paint and the follow a similar pattern to what’s on your plates. If they are striped do stripes.. Everything ties in beautifully and it makes you look like a domestic goddess.

Halloween dinner party

I saw this on Casa De Perrin. Yes again! and decided to try it. Of course theirs is better but I had fun building this tablescape and so did our guests so that’s all that matters.

Chalk and cheese! Uber chic and modern. Why not add something funky to your pumpkins to match your cutlery. These are munchkin pumpkins they are a beautiful shape & accentuated when spray painted gold. I do love black and gold so this one is the winner for me.

Halloween dinner party

Who’s going to invite me around for next years Halloween dinner party.

Tropical plants

Top choices

We can’t get enough of rich green foliage & tropical plants here at Tina Nisson design HQ this season. Current faves are strong structural tropical house plants like bird of Paradise, Elephants ear and everyones favourite from the 70’s the good old cheese plant which has made a huge come back in the last couple of years. Have a look at one of my food stations designed around the Cheese plant or using it’s proper name – Monstera.

Tropical Plants

"tropical plants"

Bird of paradise plant

This is our pleasing view every day!! A white bird of paradise. Although I don’t want it to flower incase it ruins that perfect leaf shape. Is that a little bit weird? I thought so.

For weddings

They all look Uh-Mazing when added to crisp white for a wedding like here.

Tropical wedding


I’ve personally never been a huge fan of an abundance of flowers. I’m a bit more of a minimalist. So for me strong rich leaves are a super slick winner for me.

Foliage accessories

It also wouldn’t be complete without hand written calligraphy place settings. You can also add leaves for place settings.

gold wedding calligraphy leaves

Just look how the elephants ear leaves in the centre of the table in the mood board below is such a strong & powerful look. Then how the table centres in the one next to it creates a more gentle calm look.



Really who needs flowers. Go bold & don’t use any flowers for real wow factor.

Take a look at our Pinterest page aptly names foliage for your on trend wedding or event inspo for this summer.





Sophisticated Halloween events

Sophisticated Halloween events

Look at these little beauties.. Totally perfect for your sophisticated halloween events.


Halloween trays


Add a few autumnal leaves and you have a bowl food tray that will glide through this season until the dreaded Christmas season! After some research we found these sophisticated trays at Notre Monde

Halloween doesn’t have to be black and orange!

…And we don’t all have to be able to carve a face in a pumpkin. I’ve gone a different route this year.

Black skull pumpkin

Top tips for a sophisticated halloween event

Here’s 3 of my top style tips :

1) Matt black is an all time winner

2) Gold adds sophistication

3) Using just two colours keeps it slick

Add your ghoulish desserts on to one of these burnt dressers and you are literally laughing (in a witches cackle)

Halloween dessert bar

We have dressers to hire that can be adapted & painted to suit the perfect halloween party.

Jones hire stock this athena range, which is couldn’t be more suited for Halloween. But I did say sophisticated so you may want to loose Dracula’s teeth. Although we can have a little fun sometimes and I’m certainly not averse to that…

halloween dinner party

Food Styling credit  : Maggie Ruggiero & Prop Styling credit : Elizabeth MacLennan. Image saved from  Food Network .

Check out some more fab images from some creative people all saved to my Halloween Pinterest page.

Top picks added to my moodboard.

Black Halloween moodpboard

Done with Slate & Olive wood

I have been designing all manner of items for the food service industry for the past 7 years. It started off as canapé trays & food stations but I’ve realised how many other items people are looking for. These were three of my first designs when I worked full time at Alison Price.

unusual canape tray staggered canape tray P1050308

Since I started working on my own I’ve branched out to all sorts of things. People are hungry for something different with every event and (thank the lord) are moving away from the bane of my life – olive wood and slate !! Hurrah. Don’t get me wrong: I love slate and anything grey for that matter but it should be left on the bathroom floor …

That’s my opinion and it could be said I have an unhealthy obsession with acrylic – all colours ! Especially the neons. But so do caterers because it’s so easy to work with and dynamic. Perspex – which is the brand name don’t you know – are always bringing out yummy new textures and patterns. Just look at these sparkly and patterned ones. Mind you you’d need to do an event a week for a Russian Oligarch to have trays made in some of these.

patterned perspex glitter perspex textured perspexperspex impressions perspex swatches neon perspex

I do work with other mediums like wood. If it’s been designed nicely and not just a slab then I’m not averse to it.  Or my new fave Corian. Look at this little lot of samples. You can even get it in slate colour and my skilled fabricators can mould it with no seams just like those stunning kitchen work tops with the sink all in one. Again bring in an Oligarch though.

corian samples


So you see there’s no excuse for plain old chipped slate now.   Every caterer’s stores that I’ve ever been in (and I’ve been in a few since starting my own company 2 years ago) has a pile of it somewhere. All chipped naturally . Where did this all come from?  Slipped off a roof and onto a kitchen pass??

Ok if we have to use it because we’ve got it. Dress it up a bit like I’ve done here. Actually these are quite nice pieces as it goes.

slate canape trays slate canape trays Slate canape tray slate canape tray

But a damn plain sheet usually chipped: nope not on my watch thank you. It’s washed up.

So it is my personal mission to get slate off the menu.